This is our first news bit/blog post, and our manager Larry Kotlikoff has offered to write it. Here it goes...

My love of folk music goes back many, many years.   Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan and Phil Ochs were the soundtrack of my early 20’s.  These artists left an impression on me that lingers to this day.  And through the years I have discovered many folk groups who are simply fantastic – including Lost & Lonely.

I first came to know Lost & Lonely when I met my wife Bridget (the band’s female vocalist).   I instantly connected to their sound.   They were gigging a bit, but it seemed to me they should really be playing out more so that they could bring their beautiful original and cover songs out of the living room.   We held a series of house concerts and introduced their music to as many people as we could.  I walked into bars and asked for gigs.  I pushed.  I sent their Facebook link to my contacts all over the world.  I’d walk around at gigs and ask people what they thought of the band.  The response was always the same:  they’re great.    

I hope you’ll come to the gigs or send them words of encouragement, spread the word, share the website with your friends, or like them on Facebook.   

We can all be Lost & Lonely’s Number One Fan.